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Legal Challenge to HB15 “Mandatory Ultrasound Bill”
While only 5.8% of our patients have abortions, we must comply with this new law because it would be tragic for abortion care to be unavailable for even one woman who needs us. Our vision is of a world in which children are born wanted, cared for and loved. Lack of access to safe, legal abortion should never be the primary reason for becoming a parent.
The Center for Reproductive Rights has filed a class action lawsuit to stop HB15. The Center argues that the ultrasound requirements violate the First Amendment rights of both the doctor and the patient by forcing physicians to deliver "politically-motivated communications to women." The doctor is not able to exercise professional judgment as to what is medically necessary and how to proceed with patient care. The woman – nude, draped on an exam table, with a vaginal sonographic device inside of her body – is a captive audience and cannot remove herself from the situation. Surely this is a violation of her right to avoid unwanted speech.
While we hope that the lawsuit is successful, we must, of course, be realistic. The lawsuit may fail completely. Or, it may be that some aspects of the law remain in place. In any case, we will need these new, different sonogram machines in order to secure an abortion facility license going forward. We are depending on your compassion, and on your brave philanthropy. Please make a gift so that women in our community can continue to have moral agency over their bodies and their futures.
Donate online now.  Under Organization, please scroll down and select Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas.
You may also call 210-736-2244 ext. 310 to make a donation.
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